Wearing Plastic Pants

been wearing them off and on since age 10, used to steal them from the clothes lines, then discovered playtex gerber and they were great

Now I wonder why this occurs in us, must of been a passing meteor

then now it all over the place, what a turn on.

The feeling is awsome

troy2925 troy2925
3 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I also love wearing tight form fitting bikini plastic panties !!! you can vieu all my cute litttle outfits of me wearing my cute little bikini plastic panties on a site called > fetlife.com ..... search for me <br />
( rubberpantiesboy ) .........go take alook and let me know what you think of my erotic pictures ! Thanks ....... boy scotty

Greetings.<br />
Nice pic!<br />
Just plastic or latex as well?<br />
I prefer plastic myself. preferably lubed for extra sensation. How about you?

I love to wear my plactic panties! I also started when I was 10 yo. lets chat? trade pics? photousa@yahoo.com