I Love The Feeling Of Plastic Pants

My Wife wears plastic pants in bed  and sometimes during the day. She always wears plastic pants over a pad for a while after her morning straining session on the toilet.

In bed she wears an incontinence pad and plastic pants which she puts on after we have had our fun. I love feeling the warm plastic stretched over her skin and feel the bulge of the wet pad between her legs in the morning.

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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

WOW > you are sooo lucky that your wife likes wearing plastic panties to bed ! I'd love to find a girl friend that would sleep with me while we both wore plastic panties and us both fondled each others plastic panties before removing them for some hot sex !!!! boy scotty

She has always has always been a bed wetter - but thats cool with me.

Love it - how long has she been a bedwetter?

My wife will ware plastic pants and diapers for me and wet them and cural up to me and want to be changed .