Strange Way to Get Laid

My dad owned several succesfull construction companies in Arizona. As such he was rather whealthy. After my mom died when I was 12 from breast cancer he remmariedto a very gorgouse women who was 10 years his junior. She of course married for money. Now my story begins when i was fifteen. I got off of school 4 hours early and when i got home I walked in on her riding another mans ****. Instead of getting off of him and covering up she and he just kept ******* as if I wasn't there. For another 15 mins they ******. He pulled and came on her chest got dressed and left. By this time I was in my room my head in my hands in total shock as to what I should do. My step mother walked in my room completly naked and sat in my chair next to the bed. She said quite calmly that she was a women with needs and that when I got older I would understand. I yelled at her " how could you do this my dad worships you. How could you?" She smiled at me and said that thier relationship was complicated and I said well then he should understand then when I tell him. It was at that point she leaned forward letting her hands redt on my crotch. Look she said I am not into young boys but perhaps we can arrange something. I was at first disgusted at what she was suggesting but as her hands stroked me through my pants I began to truly check her out. I noticed how her **** were so amzing near perfect. And her legs always made me aroused. I said however that I felt that would not be fair to my dad. Once again she said that it was a complicated relationship and that as long as it was kept silent things would be ok. She then unzipped me and proceeded to blow me  this being my first blow job I came in 1 min. But she kept sucking and soon I was hard again. She then showed me how to properly screw a women. After we were done she said that she would teach me things about sex and **** me from time to time in ezxchange for my silence. I concluded that after ******* a women as great in bed as her that I would except her proposal.

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6 Responses Nov 21, 2008

That is nice you had sex with your step mother. Did your father ever find out about her affairs or you have sex with her. Did she stop seeing other guys and just have sex with your and your father.

what a step mom........u are lucky dude

A hot, excellent story! Thank you for sharing it!

I would have the same even if she was my mom

Your stepmother was cool. She semed to see how she could get as much sex as possible with the least amount of trouble. Having a nice butt helps.