In The Meantime.....

I am in the ''meantime"......

The "meantime" is that time in your life when you either choose or was forced to close a chapter in your life in order to begin another one. I choose 'LIFE", a healthy one anyways for me and my 3 boys. I decided to continue my life without the drugs (my husband has a drug problem) and the mental,physical and emotional abuse. This of coarse is easier to say than do,cause you all you have to deal with now is yourself....and boy is that a challenge!!

I had been with him since I was 15 years old, so I barley know anything else...I am trying to figure out who I am and what I want, but most of all convince myself of how much I'm really worth. It's a challenge, some days are good, some days are really today, so, I write.

It makes me feel better and maybe in some way I can help somebody else understand, reach out or even feel better, cause you are not alone. It took me a lot to understand that and still I forget. I have faith in God that this "meantime' shall pass and will bring peace and knowledge with it!!!

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2 Responses Oct 31, 2009

I'm glad to know that my sharing is helpfull, cause I for instance am alone, battling my feelings and worst of all my mind ( it can drive u crazy at times). And for me the writting is helps me think better and get my thoughts organized in order to think right. Thank you for replying, cause that to helps a lot.

I'm so glad you were able to get "out". We lived thru different battles but I know you can find that "peace". The healing seems to come from digging out the lies all the trauma made us believe and replacing them with truths. Simple, just not easy. Despite the different battles those of us that survived years of stress end up with much the same challenges. It's easier to look into somebody else's life and see the real issues than to see our own. I have a passion to help people thru the issues of which I have knowlege and experience. Some times I have seen real success which is wonderful...and then I wonder why I can't find the same degree of success. We all end up "alone" and with self esteem/confidence issues. Some are so easy to fix and some seem to never go away. But life can be great, just a different kind of great, if we hang in there and are able to talk to people that really understand (and they are few)...and I wrote a LOT for years....and now starting to ramble, so hang in there and feel free to email me.