Hello world i am buggy i am 30 years young and would love to share my story about my life as an battered woman so hopefully i can save another young lady years of heart ache and pain because the healing process is jut as bad well the man that i meet oh odd 15 years ago was an very young man so i thought we delt off and on for about six years before we became an couple well he just got out of jail and i loved him from the first time i meet him well everthing was smooth untill i decided t meet up with an friend and it went down hill from there that was the first time he slapped me coming from wonderful mother and absent father i longed for a father figure and i found it in him so when he slapped me i took it as love oh he loves me he was jealous thats so sweet i was young and dumb and didnt know any better and me being the way i was raised i was always showed to that you have to try to work out your problems with one you love so thats what i did but it only got worst here comes choke outs black eyes well i will come back and finish the rest of my blogg later .may god bless you

Hello world its me well as i was saying black eyes choke outs well i mean it to the point that his mother knew and she didnt care because she didnt like me she always took up for him as if he was an kid  well one storyin paticular i went out with one of mybest friends and men who abuse women needs control so it came as no suprise nt like her but she want right either and i will get to her later on well im out with my friend i ask him to come pick me up after the club he did i guess he was high on powder and felt the need to show up and show out in front of his friend he was like e you was with your dike *** girlfriend and i was so angry that i told him to drop me back off to her then he did 20 min later he comes back beating my friend at the time door down with a pistol he went to my aunt house i stayed away for two days hopeing it would calm him down and it didnt he sweet talked me back and beat again at his mother house while he nephew  his sister in law and mother woke upwacthed you wpould think that mother would make him stop but she didnt she made it worst and told him that me and my family and friends sat up and talked about him how about she didnt know me at that time me her never had talked but to say hi and bye well he beat i had two blak eyes my vision was messed up in my left eye i hadknotts shoe prints because he kickme i am telling all hopeing to save a life may god bless until tom
anecia anecia
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how did you move on

My story is close to yours