I Am A Survivor!!

It has been 4 yrs since i left my ex. the hell he put me thru almost killed when he gave me 4 black eyes , 3 bloody lips, broken nose,broken tail bone and sliced my throat . my daughter saved my life that night he sliced my throat she woke up to me screaming and when he saw her he stopped cutting. He was always on crank and thought people lived in our attic and came down to have sex with me he thought i was cheating and i wasnt but he was . He always had his girlfriend picking him up in front of our house.

I am so glad to have left him it took me years to finally get on my feet and not worry what he thinks or if there is tissue in the trash (he thought *** was on it) . I have Pts , anxiety , depression still but i am trying to cope with that
lillyrose2901 lillyrose2901
Jan 9, 2013