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A Lifetime Ago

LOLOLOL. When I was 14 I used to get up at first light and be out the door and gone... heading out to the beach. Where ever I was at the time there was always a beach close enough for me. (I had no idea of

Cut off shorts over my bikini...flip flops and if I was going somewhere there might be indoor food a shirt was grabbed on the way out the door.

The ocean was my favorite... there was where I found my targets... the surfers.

I could watch them all day. Yep, full out hero worship.

I also learned valuable lessons... never offer them some of your fries...or at least count your fingers if they accept. Always make certain your top is double tied...(waves can be a little tricky sometimes), and always have a good towel or blanket...sand just shouldn't go some places.

Yep...I was the blond, sitting on the beach. I could swim; quite well. And I was the first one for hopping up on shoulders to wave wrestle. Pretty good at that too.

And I always needed a little help getting the oil on my back. ( oil and iodine)

I was always there for the bonfire, and just about learned how to dance on the beach in the sand. I still can by the way... Wipe Out!!!!

yes, a lifetime ago...but thank all the sea gods for a good memory. Doesn't take much and I'm smelling the salt again. (and maybe a hint of sea weed underneath)

Toby2day Toby2day 51-55, F Oct 25, 2009

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