Relentless Bullying

I spent what must have been two academic years bullying two particular girls, one in my class and another girl within the school. My main target was what I'd call a geek, with no real curves and overly thick glasses. It's not just a stereotype, there really are girls like that! I made fun of her in phys ed when changing, in the showers and generally any time she was revealing her body, like sports day. She spent a lot of time off sick over those years and eventually left the school. Not sure where she went.

The other girl was what I'd call a fatty. Not hugely obese, but too heavy to be attractive. Her name was Fiona and I liked to call her Fiona Folds, because I said she had folds of fat. I liked to make a creaking noise every time she sat down in the school canteen. Or make loud thumping noises as she walked, pretending the table was shaking from her foot steps. Fiona still lives locally and actually visited me when I was unwell with my head injury, which wasn't fun.
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I am a writer living in Sweden, and yeah we have bullying too.
I am only here since I am writing a script on bullying from the bullys point of view. The way that some of you seem to have no respect or empathy at your age, I have never seen it before.
As an adult I can tell all you kids it´s because you don´t know life. If there is one thing you can´t hide from, its life. If you have harmed people in your life, life makes you pay somehow. The only way to live life is to have empathy. It has nothing to do whith god or religion, it´s just the way of life.
The ones of you that treats people like crap, are going to have to deal whith it. I wish I could make you understand this. There is always a bill coming to every behavior whether its depression later on in life, or a completely empty life due to what you have done. To all you kids who are or have been bullied: I wish I could tell you that the people harming you are nobodys. Only nobodys need to harm others. People whith real insides don´t need to.
Bullies know they´re empty, whatever the reason is for it.
Maybe they look good according to the american way (its a bit different here, people dont usually look like uninteresting dolls here)
If you are bullied at school, please try to get friends and interests out of school! School is crap, it just teaches us how cruel the world is. But when it´s over, life is SO different.
You can do what you want with it, no matter your background or what you´ve been through. I know cause my background is no joyride.
You have all the rights in the world, no matter how rich or poor you are.
You own your own life.
Bullying people because they are fat, "geeks" (btw in sweden geeks are popular, the world is bigger than your area), have glasses or have a problem getting into the social life is so so predictable behavior.
The bullies never become anything in their lives, it´s true.
None of the bullies I´ve known have amended to anything.
They have a long journey to gain respect for themselves.
You who have been bullied, though, I know there are so much pain now, but once you are free you can live your lives the way you want, because if you survive bullying you are stronger than anyone.
Be proud of yourselves!!

We can all hope there is a special place in hell for you.


<3 was about to post this comment

So funny

That kind of treatment forever changes the life of the victims. They often start to believe that they are worthless as humans because that is all that they hear. Most have horrid family lives and no self esteem as it is, which causes them to put up with this crap. I'd strongly suggest doing what it takes to make amends.

The reason that i know this is because i went through it for a decade. It started when my family moved to a well to do area of California from Texas. My parents are from this beacon of tolerance and moved before i was born as my dad was sent to the Houston branch of his company. Had a good experience in school over there where i had plenty of friends and generally was happy. The brats started in right away. Turned me into an outcast before giving me a chance, calling me all sorts of names having to do with me being a Texan, though where i lived, it was just as upscale and never saw any stereotypical rednecks over there. It didn't stop. I had kids walk by me and spit in my face and everything that i did or said resulted in a mob attack, even if it was just doing an oral report or playing a sport in PE. never started trouble and hardly defended myself. I'm not going to drag this on but come junior high and high school, it got worse. Of course, no adults intervened and my parents couldn't have been less involved as the mob of those tormenting me grew along with the sheep that followed them. I probably had a good 30% of my school harassing me in ways you wouldn't imagine and most of the others not wanting to associate with me because they didn't want to be a target. My only friends were other outcasts that also dealt with harassment from those punks.

Imagine how one feels when all they hear is that they suck, and that they are worthless and have no one that they can turn to. Heck, after that Colombine massacre, the bullying intensified as these twerps started accusing me of being likely to pull that off because i was picked on so badly, though i had nothing in common with those guys and loathe video and PC games.

I moved away after high school and did my best to forget about it. I still keep contact with three of those friends that i had and we rarely talk about it. I try not to bring the hell i went through anyways because i'm so afraid that someone will find out that i was that guy. You learn to really be ashamed of who you are. I was never able to bring myself to even attempt to go to college out of fear that this will happen again. I still haven't gotten over the assumption that everyone who meets me hates me and don't think that i ever will.

I'm sure that the desire to escape had something to do with me picking up substance abuse issues. I quit on my own as i grew out of it. Haven't been able to get over the harassment and humiliation but i make do. Sometimes i wonder why i put up with that for so long as i know now that these guys didn't want to fight....they were either tagalongs or brats that felt entitled to behave however they want. I've run into a few of these guys since. One of the a-holes that used to call me a ****** all of the time grew ginger dreadlocks and appears to be your run of the mill trendy California tolerant liberal.

I spent years ignoring my past. I'm ok now. I have a good job, am married and a decent life all things considered. I have two kids, one about to start school. I worry that he will go through what i went to. I don't know what I'll do if it starts. No one deserves such treatment and especially with no rhyme or reason as i never got what was so bad about me except that snot nosed California kids of wine and cheese libs are intolerant of them. Wasn't fat, reasonably high iq, i learned early on that women found me attractive. Didn't make sense and never will.

Did your mama have any live births?

You don't sound like someone with any remorse. You probably continued being an ******* to this day. Hopefully not...but your writing seems to indicate your still a piece of sh**t.

lol whateva

I don't know why you brag about this. Someone should have bullied you, you have a really big nose.

Haha your nose is too narrow freaky face

Um no hunny girl's noses should be narrow. No one gets their nose widened. I'm not even one to attack people's looks but you came off as such a ***** in this little post of yours that I have no choice but to knock your confidence down(and obviously its working judging by the fact that you couldnt just take the insult and own your big nose but you had to insult me instead). You shouldn't be proud of hurting others like you did to these girls. You're a ***** and you're not even pretty enough to be one so please stop, because if you were humble you could be slightly more attractive.

Ok long nose

ugh i need to stop bullying ugly girls, i'm turning into you. :(

nose job needed!

I know you need one hunny, what area do you live in? I can try to look for a good board certified surgeon for you. I'm glad you're finally seeing the flaw and mking the change :)

Girls, can you please both pack it in? Your disses are so lame anyway!
Samantha, I thought I'd never have to ask this, are you bragging or are you venting this as a way to redeem yourself? Apart from personal embarrassment, what's stopping you from apologising to her?
Iraqibabe, I know you mean well, but we've got to be better than this.

She is bragging. That's why I feel like knocking her confidence down by pointing out her flaws. She thinks she is above bullying so I'll bully her, it's simple really. We've all hurt people in our life but Samantha is not remorseful, she's proud. It made her feel powerful = self esteem issues. I wish I could find the girl she bullied and give her a hug.

You have to find something wrong with me to talk about duckface. Oh and grow some boobs too.

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No introspection in this post. Just straight up bragging about what a despicable person you were in high school, and more than likely still are. Sady there are many people like you in the world.


Where i grew up in a very progressive posh part of California, this kind of girl was the norm. I believe that it has spread over the years. It's sickening! I cannot understand how one enjoys hurting others.

I have read thru the different comments and your responses, while I tried not to get involved, something keeps hitting me that I am finding impossible to ignore. One of your comments is that if the individuals had tried harder to fit in, they wouldn't have become victims. First thing that comes to mind is that when I was in middle school (6, 7 & 8th grades) I was bullied to the point of broken teeth, black eyes and more, usually at least weekly the injuries occured, even though the bullying was every day. I was undaignosed at the time and looked normal, but later I was diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, along with a few other things. I could not have fit in if someone put a gun to my head. I couldn't figure out how to do it! I eventually did, but not until my final year of high school. Some people just fit in, some people know how to, some don't. Now, that being said, your comment rings thru on another point. The comment again, that the person wouldn't become a victim if they were more dedicated to fitting in reminds me of the comments we so often hear that so and so wouldn't have been raped if they hadn't (dressed so provacativly/acted more demure/acted more feminine etc, whatever the argument is). Obviously this argument is taking it to the extreme, but I think it has at least some validity. Shouldn't society accept people that are different rather than victimize them? Sure. Bullying is the same way.

Now, that being said, I was bullied so much of my life that for a time in 10th grade, I turned bully myself for awhile, until I realized what I was doing to others. So I share some blame myself, I can look at both sides of the issue.

Feel free to be angry with me, or tell me I have totally misinterpreted the whole conversation, if so, I'm sorry about that, the comments jump around and it can occasionally be challenging to follow a specific conversation. But if you actually believe they deserved to be bullied? No one deserves that, not even the kid who made my life a living hell for so many years.

Brilliant reply Oxblood.
I did not understand Samantha's response to my post or the alleged offence by the other party,
What I do know is it was encouraging me to join in and agree with the posts of those who have somewhat aggressively criticised Samantha.
Joining with others to denigrate another person could be construed as bullying them to accept your viewpoint.
Thank you for your moment of sanity and reflection

I'm glad you graduate and stuff and no I am not offended any of you guys. Thanks for comments.

I am really sorry about your head injury.
One of the persons you abused forgave you sufficiently to visit whilst you were ill but it seems you failed to use this as an opportunity for reconciliation.
It is a pity there is not a way to repair your damaged head to eliminate unfounded hatred and prejudice and provide love, rather than power and bullying, as the basis of relationships with your peer group.
Those who have treated your head injury have given you their care and attention regardless of your attitudes, politics or religion

She was not blameless! Read what she did below.

You have a lot of guts, but just a question for you. Have you apologised to her?
It might help in forgiving yourself. ;)

Not likely after our last meeting!

Whats your feeling about it nowadys ?

Yeah, you don't strike me as a particularly decent person anyway.

So what did you gain from all this? Or was it amusement?

Status in school, sense of power, outlet for frustration.

All that is over now and it didnt mean a damn thing to anyone. Who do you bully now?

Nobody. Lol

All the boys in elementary school teased me for having curly hair. But all the girls love it. In high school I ate bullies for breakfast. Moral of the story is. One persons trash is another persons treasure. Someone out there appreciates what that girl has to offer. Which is more important. Who knows your tough love might have pushed her to become more successful then you. At the end of life the winners are winners because they made something of it. Not because of how they started. The cool and popular kids in school usually end up losers in life. That's a fact. The cheerleaders end up as trophy wives for the geeks and the fat girl moves on to be an influential part of society. I hope you moved past your 5 minutes of fame and realize that. I hope you dont spend the rest of your life in high school.

You think being a trophy wife is a bad thing? The woman gets access to wealth and everyone knows the geek is still a loser! Lol

That might be one small narrow perspective. Another is the trophy wife is fake, jaded, and shallow. Everyone knows that. So while shes looking to fill her unhappiness with prescription drugs, alcohol, and new shoes. The geek is going something to better man kind. Hes respected and admired in the end for the contents of his character. Something the trophy wife never had. Not even in high school. Hes still getting his **** sucked and treats her as the same piece of trash the cool kids treated her in high school. Hell he probably ends up with power over the ones who used to call him a loser. While he signs their checks they kiss his ***. Everything in life moves in full circle. Karma's a *****. I however am an anomaly. A paradox. More and more end up this way all the time.

This doesn't really happen. Most geeks end up alone ******* off to internet **** and playing online role playing games. Lol

Thats a common stereotype you might be ignorant to. Truth is all kinds of men fall into it regardless if they were the buff jock in high school or a geek who was bullied, or the snubbing cheerleader. Going out to a bar and getting laid doesnt make you a winner in life. As you said what mattered to you was social status, wealth, or power. The ones who are deprived of it usually end up with it. Most of the cool people in my high school are doing nothing now. They are just making it. While the deprived ones ambition are fueled for much longer. The geeky band camp girl who had a crush on me in high school is now a Biomedical Engineer. True story. One of my best friends was a super buff jock. Hes now fat and bald. My high school sweetheart who was hot as **** is a recovering meth addict. I never fell though because I didnt set myself up for the fall and harsh realities of life. Read my stories. I wad a high school wrestler, stoner, geek. The world is my oyster. I was popular but didn't know it. I am quite successful and have even more boons to strive for.


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It will teach them strength of character? You really are an ugly *****. Sorry, I just felt you deserved that Samantha. Your life must be pretty worthless if making someone else miserable makes you feel better about yourself.People like you really are a disgrace to the human race. I don't quite know why people are afraid to just call a spade a spade and call it as they see it because you really seem like a heartless *****.

I really loathe people like you. I find you utterly loathsome and disgusting. And your story and your comments do not show any remorse. You don't seem to understand what kind of pain and suffering people go through when they are attacked as you attacked these two girls. And you go on to try to justify your behavior. You really are a nasty piece of work. I was tempted to replace the word work there with another less polite word. It starts with an s. I'm sure you can figure it out.


it's funny, because its not even as if she's physically attractive either. that smile gives me the creeps.

If I didn't have anything better to do with my life I'd make sure that I bully you off this site because this site and this world does not need people like you. But like I said, I've got better things to do with my life than to be concerned with idiots such as yourself. Goodbye.

Yes I agree Chica. Then again with a nasty personality like hers it would be pretty difficult to see any beauty in that form. Revolting.

Except of course for the fact I am attractive. Jealousy is so unbecoming. Lol

Scorpio, you wouldn't have the balls or the ability to bully me.

I suppose we should address your absolutely poor grammar and punctuation Madyaker8. Perhaps we should all pick on that and make fun of you for being so... So... So stew-pid. I wrote it that way so that you could understand it better. :-) Have a nice day.

if you go on and read more of her thing you will see that she looks at thing diffrenly now

I beg to differ incontanat. Have you read through her responses on here?

scorpio1987 look who stopping too meaness now

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complete attention *****. you got what you deserve. I salute the pervertedpope.

Who are you to judge that?

its a free country.

Do you ever regret being a bully?

It didn't go well for me.

I'm curious? Nobody else seems to have asked - why did you feel the need to bully them? Boosting your own self-esteem? Conformism? Status?

I guess it was status. It wasn't so much self-esteem being weak, but a boost to normal self-esteem. I felt more important after bullying and more in control too. Like I had power over myself and other people.

karma has a weird way for showing up lol

You think that's karma?!

no but your accident might be

Oh I see!

lol...i was not a bully but i got beaten up by my senior bullies in school....
they were the worst bullies who often sn@tch my lunch box and on my resistance they used to beat me.....i thought that they cudn't get worse than this and one day i took my dad's hammer with me....they sn@tched my box....and i did what was necessary....and lived happily ever after...xD

Oh wow. I wouldn't mess with you! lol

and i wouldn't do the same to you if u mess with me..:))
I would keep safe distance from you cause broken bones are better than broken heart..:)

Hahah...I'm glad she got her own back :P yes it did and no :P every time I hear people laughing together I automatically think its about me..I find it hard to trust guys complimenting me because I feel like they are just doing it to mock me...I went back to the town where I went to my old school...all the guys who were ****** to me came over talking to me..asking me did I remember them..wanted my number and stuff... I thought **** you all now :P it's a great feeling..I'm lucky to have changed :)

She was a bit evil, but that's life!

Haha, revenge can be sweet. Especially as they were probably pitching little tents in their pants!

Oh Christ just read it..took a picture of your ***? Weird I'm quite strong's not just because of highschool though I've come across so many situations where I say to myself I need to grow a pair and not let myself be walked as a result I win arguments with my dad etc etc..a girl on my bus was being bullied at school..I sorted them out...and I didn't even hit or swear at them..I just made them feel stupid, and pathetic about themselves ..just like they did to that girl :)..what would you do so if say your niece/nephew or child was getting bullied at school ?

Yeah, she was. I think she was amused because it was bigger than it should have been as I was lying down a lot, etc...blah lol

See? Good example! It made you a stronger person and more determined. I'd certainly not tolerate any of my family being bullied. But your method is perfect, making bullies feel stupid or small works.

Did she ? Like I get what your saying about bullying..but it definitely changes you..makes or i got bullied in my first year in secondary school..changed schools...I've got a few more months left in what you'd call highschool...and since I moved I've never taken **** from anybody once ....and if they ever tried they were sorry after because I'd embarrass them in a class full of people..bullying really does change a person..

Yes, if you look through thread I explained it to sansseraph. haha

I do think it changes people. Don't you think that now you are a stronger person and more willing to stand by your beliefs?

Why call them fat to their faces least say it behind their back to ease the pain a bit? Like the stuff you say is funny..but like if I was Fiona folds I think I'd be emotionally eating some Ben and merriest to get over the day...ever see Fiona folds still ?

I know what you are saying, yes. Last time I saw her she got revenge.

I thought there would have been a nice ending to the story like how you might have realised what an absolute cruel person you were to those girls...and was looking forward to a good ending..but whatever..:/

Never expect a happy ending on the internet. Unless you are a guy paying for one on a cam site.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Bullying is cruel. How can you take pleasure in someone else's pain? Somehow, someday, you will regret being one of the "mean girls".

Ok captain.

i was bulled a lot as i was small and all the other boys was bigger even the ones my age but one day the biggest bully in the school was in my class he sat behind me and made my life hell one day he got a compass and stuck the sharp point into his shoe he then put his foot under the desk and stabbed me in the *** i jumped in pain a turned around to see his stupid face grinning at me i was in a fit of rage and dove over the desk i slammed my fists into his face over and over the teacher had to drag me off him and he was covered in blood and cuts i was branded a nutter but they left me alone after that

Bragging much!
I pity you

Well hopefully one day you feel regret for treating those girls and probably other people so badly.As if life isn't already hard enough people bully others and make their life even worse.Well anyway feeling bad for treating others badly is the start of becoming a better person.

I've read what Fiona did to you due to your unfortunate circumstances and to her I would say "two wrongs don't make a right." But about you, you are just a mean, terrible person yourself. And don't tell me but she did bad too. You did bad and that is bad enough. Why would you be such a hurtful person? And why on top of that would you come here and tell the world, unless you were going to say that you were sorry that you did it and it was completely wrong? I'm betting that one day you will come to regret what you did to those two girls, even hoping to ask them for forgiveness, but it may be too late at that point and you'll have to live with your conscience for the rest of your life.

How is it my fault she is fat? And what excuses her to pick on me when I can't fight back or even talk back!?

It is not your fault that she is fat. But that doesn't give you the right to pick on her because she is. How can you say mean things to her when you yourself are not perfect? There is probably many a things that are not perfect about you that we could pick on. But we choose not to because it is the right thing to do. And nothing excuses her from picking on you and I already told you that so don't be trying to pretend like that is more terrible than what you did to her. And like I said above, you've now done twice wrong by coming her to brag about all that you did, when it is completely shameful and disgusting, and I'm hoping that it is only because you are too young still to understand that what you did was wrong.

This is so outrageous i can barely believe it and still acting as if the world owes her something.... Frankly I would have have done a lot more to this person than fiona did.

What is that supposed to mean!?

Zero contrition on your end? That is disappointing.

Don't think it's fair that she visited!

She should've thrown water on you while you were sick. I certainly would've lol Who do you think you are bullying people like that? I'm assuming because of your age you probably don't know the life impact being bullied as a kid has on people.

She did worse than throw water on me, as I explained to someone else in an answer in this very thread. And hang on, they were making themselves targets. horrid. They owe nothing...Not even civility


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So how do you feel about what you did?

I think there are lots of bullies in the world. It's something people need to accept and learn from.

Umm ... wow. Hope confession is good for your soul.

Sounds like Fiona has a little more goin on 'inside' than many folks.

She wasn't like Florence Nightingale! lol

Karma is a *****. You're lucky she didn't plug you while she was there ... or get any ideas from me before she visited.

Excuse me?! lol

How could the kid not?This person must have driven her mad.

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