The Hags And Cads That Betrayed Me

I have recently discovered that I have this sick habit to ONLY SEE THE GOOD in people, ending up cheering for and praising the wrong people.

You see I have a caring heart, I always want to give too much to everybody, but I realized that some people just don't deserve nor need what I can give them.

Cheering for ungrateful people, and cheering on idiots who are spiritually can I be so stupid?

When you cheer for the undeserved they are the ones that usually look down on you, they are the ones ending up being backstabbing two faced S*L*U*T*S...they are the ones after you try to "make peace" tell you what a horrible and worthless person you are, they are the ones that can't stand you being mentally superior to them, they are the ones that are jealous of you...fact is they are the ones that feel very very small in your presence, you become a threat, and what do they do? They start throwing insults at you, just so that they can look better than you trying to make them feel better about themselves, and then they get a pack of their own cheerleaders and brain dead groupies to come and throw some stones with them as they are used to Cheer on the stoning (harassment) of me by this person... I really pity people who can't think for themselves, but what I pity more is not their retard recruits, but the fact that ADULTS act like children, old women and men that act like toddlers.

Instead of these bullies learning a thing from the one they are jealous of and secretly admire, they are so blinded by their personal obsession of being better than this person, and how to bring them down at every chance they can get, that it simply turns ridiculous - when you see people who really have no self-esteem, old but threatened by a young girl... That is why they need cheering, which I gave to them for everyone needs love right? But they can't handle the attention you give them, what they need, since they realized that you know their weakness giving them what they really need, since they know then you know they are old emotionally needy F*U*C*K*S!!!!
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1 Response Mar 23, 2012

NEVER call yourself stupid for being good to anyone for any reason ... even if your kind actions are ignored or whatever. and ya know... lately.. i am very emotionally needy.. i don't like to be like that neither cause it leaves me wide open for ... snakes. ;)

You have a good point about the "snakes"... But I don't mean about being emotionally intimate, but at least be kind to a messenger on your path, whoever it may be, but unfortunately some can't appreciate messengers because they can't understand the ways of the Great Spirit... If I am kind, and they return it with unkindness...well then maybe it's their loss and my lesson gained..caring too much can make me vulnerable to "snakes" too...LMAO... But at least I try to see the special in each "event and person"... If they can't do that, too bad THEIR LOSS IS MY GAIN. *Àll smiles now*