all my life i havent seen my father, my mother was never home .. always working, my family sort of disowned me and acted like if i was invisible..i wuz an outsider in school because ive always been a little darker than everybody!!!

it happened in MAY  i was sitting in my room.. and then i notice a pare of scissors right next to my computer  i picked them up and walked to my bathroom the lights were off and i picked up the scissors with my right hand and turned my Left arm up and i pushed the blade on to my wrist and slid it across i falied and no blood kame out so i got mad and crazy thoughts went trough my head so i slid it acrss my wrist over and over and over again with as much force i had in me possible!! about 10 min. later as i sat there the blood seaked out like when u squeeze juice out of an orange ..it wasn't much but i felt happy afterwards ..

u see to me i think feeling the pain relevies you !!

but whenn i start to think of how good my life is ,i  thought to myself y kill myself i have to much to live for to give the satisfaction of the '[family] so i told myself i will leave them and  my life will go on!

sueyprincess sueyprincess
1 Response Jun 1, 2008

Pain...pain always take my mind away from everything. I think it can help. But it's deadly dangerous, because it only distracts you for a short time.