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Here We Go Titans, Here We Go! *clap Clap*

Jeez. Those were the days, huh? I was a cheerleader from about 7th grade until I graduated high school. It was great up until I actually got in high school; there I was stuck in a room with the preppiest girls in the entire school who tried to make me "one of them" on more than one occasion. But it never worked--mainly because I'm not a shallow person. I do miss it, sometimes, though. I still have my original cheerleading outfit. They actually let us keep it (for about 50 bucks) for my sophomore year, since we were 'upgrading'. Its dark blue and white with a short skirt (of course) with a huge split up the side. The top is my favorite, though, because it only has one strap over the left shoulder and the other is bare; its black at the top and then it sort of blends from white into the dark blue at the bottom. I loved our old uniforms. But the new ones we got for the basketball season of my sophomore year were so skimpy!! *sigh* Good times, good times. Lol No, seriously, though I couldn't really deal with the girls on the team. I was varsity pretty much the whole time (I was one of the best!) and of course I attended the traditional type of high school--all the football players and hot guys go straight for the cheerleaders. Guys hit on me and I enjoyed it....for a little while. All the way up until some of the other girls started to hassle me for 'stealing' their men. Naturally, I didn't want any of their loser boyfriends. But I suppose they broke up with them for me. Huge mistake on their parts. They should've known I wouldn't want them if (a) the only reason they were dating me was because they thought I was hot and/or easy and (b) because they were 'used property'--gross! lol Man, I miss high school. NOT.

Drenna Drenna 18-21, F Jun 18, 2008

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