It's a Life I Wish to Forget....

I was a cheerleader my sophomore year of high school. What possessed me to try out? I really don't know. My best friend was a cheerleader and she someone convinced me to try out for the Junior Varsity Squad.

And I made it. Yep. I did.

At first, I loved it. The thought that the cheerleaders always dated the football players. What a naive stereotype......the practices were long and pointless, our coach during football season hated us, cheer camp was nothing but drama, the last two weeks of my summer was taken thanks to Daily Doubles (yeah, that's six hours of straight practice for all the teams), my stunting career was over due to an injury right before an assembly, and....

Basically, it was all drama......and I hated it.....

So glad I became a drama geek after the seasons were over!!

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1 Response Feb 22, 2009

Wow...Sorry you felt that way. I feel the drama part will always be there ugh...but it was a great experience overall for me