Cocaine....What A Drug

Cocaine has a way of making all of life's problems magically disappear. You feel good, unstoppable & on top of the world. Nothing effects stop caring about things. All you want to do is keep that rush going & never come down.

I had a 1/4oz a day habit. Every morning I would fork over $240 so I could forget life's misery for a day. Money was never an issue. Had plenty of it. I long as it keeps me numb and distracts my mind from slipping into a dark & deep was worth the money. I learned....IT WASN'T. It only made everything in my life so much worse. Cocaine was my band-aide.

Another one of Life's Lessons learned the very hard way.
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

I know what you mean by it's only a band-aid. It's like false happiness and it catches and latches on to you so hard. You got my support lady, congratulations on quitting.

sometimes a person has to get lost so, they can find themselves....

Very true.

If hear ya girl. I was hooked on opiates for a very long time. I too had an endless supply. It was my escape from reality. It was HELL getting off of that ****. My life is better with out it. Hope yours is too!

Thank you for your usual openness and honesty. Cocaine is a powerful and enticing drug that does offer an instant but temporary relief to ones troubles.. However as you say its a band-aid that has significant hidden risks.. Heart, vascular and potential micro strokes are common side effects that are long lasting. Thank you for sharing this...