Not All Endings Are Happy Ones

I will probably add to this as I go along but I would like to start by saying I by no means am here to bash law enforcement officers.  Up until a few months ago I was married to one and was proud of his work- he was a good cop... unfortunately not the best husband material. 

When I got engaged to my future/now my ex husband he was working another job but always dreamed of being a cop.  I said stop dreaming and do it!  So the beginning of our engagement I helped him through workouts/studying to be accepted into the Police Academy.  When we got married we only took the weekend for the wedding/honeymoon because he had to get back to the Academy on Monday morning... and by the time our daughter was one month away from being born he graduated.  I was so unbelievably proud of him!

Now, suffice it to say that anyone who marries a cop or is thinking about it - you must realize that the job comes first.  I was naive enough to think that our marriage/ family/ love was enough but he flat out told me when he asked for a separation/divorce that he will always be a cop first. 

I did a little research and read in several articles that if you marry a cop - if you can get past the first three years (I now call them the "blue flame years") then you will be okay.  I guess you could say that our marriage was a textbook case because he left almost three years to the day of entering the Academy. 

I was a "Sister of the Blue Rose" and felt honored to be so.  A cop's life is ranked on stress level (and divorce rate) up there with doctors and lawyers (too bad they didn't get the same pay!) I honestly want to say the stress is even worse for the wife waiting at home not EVER wanting to hear a knock on the door.

I am in awe of police families who can make it work.  I guess I am a tale of what can happen when you don't know all the facts about a life in law enforcement... and you take for granted what can be taken away so quickly.

I hope in some way my story (this is just an overview) can help others in similar situations.

moongypsy13 moongypsy13
31-35, F
Mar 11, 2009