Until He Met My Mother's Replacement..

My parents got divorced and not long after my dad found his new woman. She quickly moved into my childhood home and claimed it as her own. She had removed every single one of my childhood memories from that house. Everything I had known was vanishing right in front of my eyes, including my dad. She changed him for the worse. He is a completely different person now and I don't like it one bit. Every time I try and tell him this he does not believe me and thinks I say it out of hate for his now fiancee! Yep there getting married already after approximately a year i think! I am completely outraged. I hate this. I just want my old dad back.

Every Saturday when i was a bit younger, we would look through his cookbook and cook delicious food and make the biggest mess and make my mum clean it up. Chocolate bread, home-made pies, fresh pasta, and so much more. But now, I don't even talk to him unless he wants something. When I think of my father it angers me! And being angry at him makes me angry at myself! He doesn't see what his new girlfriend has done to my family. She has broken an already broken family even more. I don't even recognise my dad anymore. He has completely changed and I hate it. In a texting argument between me and my dad, his girlfirend decided to add her 10c in and tell me what she thought. She ended up swearing at me, telling me to grow up and that I was an immature little girl (I was 16 at the time). I forwarded her messages to my dad so that he'd read them. I said is this how your going to let her treat me. And he said nothing but "you don't understand." It came to the point where my dad said to me, "Well if that's how you feel then have a nice life." I spent several nights crying myself to sleep thinking that my dad didn't care about me anymore and that he didn't love me. He only cared for his girlfriend! I still sometimes think that! Nearly 2 years later and he acts as if nothing ever happened, he goes about trying to talk to me like he's still the same person when he and I both know he's not.

Now I can never get this out of my head, it's something that never leaves my mind. I'll never think of my dad as the same man he once was. I am just so angry at him. I am never not angry at him anymore. I hate this. Why did my parent's have to get divorced in the first place? Everything would go back to normal. My dad would be his same old self and so would my mum. But that will never happen. They have both moved on with their new partners acting like everything is perfectly normal and okay.

I wish I could just tell him and he believe me for once. I hate his girlfriend for what she has done to him and me!! :(
She thinks she's helping but she's not. It might sound bad to say it but the only way she could help is if she was out of the picture. Out of my dad's life for good.. but that will most likely never happen. :(:(

I miss my dad, the man he used to be at least! :(
KW24 KW24
18-21, F
Jan 12, 2013