Many Times...

My best experience as a DD was after my uncle's fiance's (now his wife) bachelorette party, taking her and my cousin (who lives down the street from me) home.  The party lasted 6 hours in a limo bar hopping and I only had one beer, but I still had fun acting like a drunken idiot without being one.  It was just fun to be accepted as is, I was the bride's niece to be and I watched over her-kept guys from grabbing her on the dance floor or anything like that. (sometimes she gets a little wasted and doesn't realize how some people react to her- she is a pretty hot chick) and everyone involved had fun. 
And my uncle was pleased when I was the sober one.  He still likes to think of me as a kid, I guess.  (He had legal guardianship over me after my grandma died, until I was 18) and we lived in the same house until he and Annette got engaged.
mandarose524 mandarose524
26-30, F
May 4, 2007