It Happened Accidentally

I never drink. Personal choice. I fit into the category "straight edge" without even trying! So I'm hangin' out with my boyfriend (at the time, married now (^_^) and his buddy (now one of my dearest friends) at this bar. My boyfriend asks if he can share a beer with his bud, and I'm all, "Well, yeah! Of course!" So somehow they both get pretty sloshed. So I end up having to be the DD in a manual transmission car! I'd never driven one before! So it ends up with boyfriend in the back laughing his drunken head off, best bud in the passenger side telling me when to push the clutch while he shifts in between deep theological discussion, and me feeling like I'm driving a pedal car (from all the foot work I'm doing!) Haha! It was fun!
Sioko Sioko
26-30, F
Jun 6, 2007