For a Long Time I Refused to D...

For a long time I refused to drink.  I hated alcohol and being around alcohol or even just hearing about people drinking made me uncomfortable.  Being the designated driver was a hassle and trying to wrangle drunks isn't easy.  I was always the token sober person, and frankly I got quite sick of it.  I bet my friend that he couldn't stop smoking, and if he did, I would have a drink the next time he saw me.  After six months of not smoking, he came over and got pretty much everyone at the party even drunker than they had been before he arrived.  I had a sip of several drinks and finally decided on  a Jack Daniel's Fruit Punch.  The only buzz I got was the slight oncoming of a headache, which was really far more annoying than anything.  Now I have a drink sometimes, but never enough to impair my judgment.
metalise metalise
18-21, F
Jul 12, 2007