10 Months

I got the joy of being a designated driver for 10 months. I started being designated driver on prom of last year because I had just had surgery and wasn't allowed to drink. Then I found out I was pregnant the following month, so I couldn't drink anymore.

I hated it! I watched everyone around me get completely trashed, while I sat back and just watched. Most the time I would get so upset with the people I was with that we would just end up leaving because I was having no fun.

There were also sometimes that I did have fun. Laughing at my friends who were too drunk to understand what they were talking about. You realize how big of an idiot you can really be when you're drunk.

dansbabygirl07 dansbabygirl07
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2007

I'm always the disignated driver. most people i know can't go to a bar without drinking and then they think that they can drive just fine. i can have a great time and not only protect my friends but everyone else that is on the road. most places give the DD free soda,juice ect because they know what life savers they really are. Good for you DD