Was I A Good Boy ?

The other day, Paul confided to me -


When I was 7 or so, and was assisting a religious all-boys school, St. John Baptiste De La Salle, one day gym class came around. We all filed in, some twenty of us - all of us very different, as boys are bound to be - at the huge hall used for phys-ed. This was around 1956. We all stood in line so that the teacher, who was lay ( not a brother of the institute, that is ) could take roll-call. He was a tough cookie, this teacher ; must have been a coach of some sport or something, 'cause he was brawny and not very smart. He lined us up neatly and proceeded to call out our names. Just as he was starting, and glancing at the notepad in his hand,one of our group let out a strong screech, as of a cat. The teacher got very angry, put down the pad, and said : " Who did that !?!? " Of course we all fell silent, and sort of slouched, anticipating a hard time. No one came forth. The teacher insisted, but no one admitted to the misdeed. So he said : " No one, huh ?Ok, then, you all squat ! " And we had to buckle down and squat. Then he added : " And you're gonna pass the period like that, all of you." Now the class was almost an hour long, and after 5 minutes, I started feeling quite uncomfortable. I thought to myself - " it makes no sense that we all squat for the whole period...I think it better that only one takes the rap..." but though that made sound sense to me, no one admitted guilt. So I said to myself : " I'm going to say I did it." So I said, " teacher..." " What ?!? " " Teacher, well, I did it. " He said : " Get up ! " I got up, and faced him. Right away, one of my friends also got up and said : " No, teach, he didn't do it..." But the teacher retorted " Yes he did ! Why else would he confess ?! " So he turned toward me and said : " you squat !!!! The rest of you can play !" So I got down on my squatting position and held it well during the whole class.

After class, when we were getting ready to assist for some other subject in some other room, the kid who had defended me caught up with me. In his hand was a little tin cup with some pennies in it. He told me : " we're doing a collection for you !" I said, " naw.. I'd just like it if you guys behaved." And that was the end of the story.

Now, Paul said to me : " do you think I did the right thing, or that I was just being masochistic ? " And to tell you the truth, I didn't know what to answer him.

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I loved that story..you were a smart kid. No nonsense growing uo in the 50's and 60's..kids could get spanked at school too. Glad you didn't get , " the board '. Cool post.