Back in elementary school, I used to steal many things.. minor things, but many lol. I'm talking people's pencils, gummy erasers, pencil grippers, pencil sharpners, etc. I had a full on collection of other people's things in my desk. One day, a girl left a brand new pack of gum, and a pocket dictionary on her desk. I wanted both, so I took my folder, opened it and placed it on the desk. I slipped both the gum and dictionary into the pocket folders and took them home. (To this day I still have the dictionary and it has come in handy for school lol) Funny thing is I never ever once was caught. I got away with EVERYTHING because I was such a good actor at being innocent, no one suspected a thing. I'm no longer a kleptomaniac tho lol I have changed and don't steal so don't worry hahahaha.
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i was the "cute,innocent,quiet" one so nobody was even suspicous of me

LOL, were you also a pyromaniac? They go hand in hand.

I hope you have a big trunk...cause I'm putting my bike in it