I Use to ***** For Money

After I got out of the Navy I really needed money. I went to a motorcycle dealer, Iwanted to by a 650 Yamaha didn't have enough for the downpayment. The salesman joked and said I could be a ******** with my looks and probably pay off the bike in one night. I kinda was shocked I never thought Of myself that hot but left and looke in the free ads in a weekly paper. I called and this lady answered i said I was interested in a job, I went to their address and interviewed with a very hot young girl, she said I was their type of guy, she asked alot of questions like if I took drugs,was I gay, did I have a problem  performing in front of lots of people etc.... the next step was a test and instructions. If I passed I would be hired... So she gave me a pink g-string and a cop uniform told me to get dressed and to come back to the room.I did when I opened the door there was 4 cute girls and 2 guys they all worked for this club which was also a agency for strippers that went to parties....the rest is history.  I am very flexable I like to dance and I had the ability to stand and suck my own ****!!!

I was hired made enough in 2 nights to pay for the bike  and I save  for a sailboat in about two months.....  I will tell  you about all the  adventures  of a young male ******** later

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i like to be on my knees in frount of wit penis in mouth