London Film Makers Co Op

When I was at university in London I was a member of the London Film Makers Co Op. Really by then it had been going for at least 15 years and the initial breakthroughs had been made by artists using the optical printer and the best films had also been made. I really went there for the film screenings where I could see many artist's films and avant garde films of the 20th C. I saw films by Andy Warhol, Stan Brakhage, Maya Deren, and the French Surrealists. Robert Breer came to show his films. I also used their film library to study films in detail for a thesis that I wrote.  
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wow that seems like ages ago doesn't it. i remember attending screeings in an upstairs room in a smoky pub. what ever happened to them? this is going back a while isn't it? way back when even the ICA showed radical films... guess the 80s weren't all that bad...

See Film as Film at the BFI Southbank.Curated by Mark webber of Pulp.