MGM Program Memories

I remember being in the program starting in the 4th grade or so through Jr. High. I was going to Aeolian Elementary in Los Angeles school district. Then went to Los Nietos Jr. High with most of the same kids from elementary. I enjoyed it immensely and remember taking college level courses starting in the 6th grade. I also remember being told we were the 1st class to use the new "computers" for LAUSD, they were those IBM typewriters that gave us questions and math problems and the like and we just typed the answers in. We took a trip in the 7th grade to Sacramento for like 4-5 days to sit on legislature and government proceedings, it was awesome! The thing is though, when I got to high school, Pioneer High in Whittier CA, the funding was dropped and I was being put into classes that I already took in elementary and Jr High. Without any classes to get me involved, I turned to pot and alcohol to pass the time....heard this before?......never finished high school, was at a continuation school in Montebello CA until 12th grade where I dropped out once I found out I could take the GED. Actually I dropped out after I took the test, knowing I passed. I remember being told the test would take 3-4 hours, I finished in like 2 hours.
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I know several MGM kids that became bored and/or rebelled and did something very similar. Including myself. However, many of us later went on to college and have been succesful.