Glenmore Elementary Mgm 73-75

I am taking yet another Master's program, this time it is in Mental Health counseling. We have an assignment regarding Bronfenbrenner's level of development using our own experiences.  I am actually researching a recitable source to describe the program... and here I am!  I don't see anyone from Fremont, but that is where I started MGM in 4th grade. I was given an IQ test during the summer between 3rd & 4th, and next thing I know I was commuting 4 miles to go to a new elementary school.  It was very tough for me, because I was heavily involved in sports, and very few of my MGM classmates spent their time playing football during recess :) I have no idea what my IQ was, but in all honesty, those classes helped me immensely. I recall learning German, going to the S.F. opera house, and attending Ohlone College for math course (that was in 6th grade and a real pain in the *** for my mom... did not finish anything at Ohlone... anywhooooo, if anyone was with me during those years at Glenmore, please let me know.  Mike Markus

41-45, M
Mar 1, 2010