My mother had 7 children. She lost 6 and I was left with her because I was a baby, Idk how that worked out but it happened. My siblings had terrible lives. Some were adopted early but attempted suicide and never felt loved, one had a bad adoptive home. People assume that only loving parents adopt children because they can't have any, the truth is just as many couples adopt for the money and don't really want children. Two bounced around from home to home, being abused and neglected, until they aged out. I found four. They assumed my life was better cause our mother kept me, they later admitted they were wrong. She did drugs, had men in the house all the time(I'm sure you can understand how that was), she left me to fend for myself at a young age and I love you was a term I only heard from friends. She even told me I ruined her life. People say no one regrets having kids, only giving them up or aborting, they are wrong. And the children suffer, not the parents. People say adoption is always better than abortion, they are wrong and it is the child who suffers. Many days I wished I was aborted, so did my siblings. You can't understand the pain of being an unwanted child unless you were one, so don't tell us it's better to be alive when most of your childhood you just wanted to die.
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you are not a mistake and that is a lie by the world to get you down by thinking that way :-(

My mom basically told me I was a mistake... I know now that my childhood and birth means nothing anymore.

you're confusing unwanted with unwanted by your mother... I'm so very sorry that you were subjected to the things that you were... but you are definitely NOT a mistake... just a burden on a self absorbed, over entitled, indignant **** for a mom... you are amazing, and the mark that you leave on this world will be indelible. I hope that you find a chance to see yourself through eyes other than mom's... and I hope you come to terms with HER ownership of your abuse, and not yours. you are blameless in all of the things that she did... you are a blessing to the world

I have. I am a mom now and I found a great man who loves me. I have moved on. This was to show that being born isn't always as great as people like to think and sometimes being aborted is better. Not everyone is "lucky" like me, not everyone is strong enough to come out alive and happy. So many of my friends and family members killed themselves and two were killed by a parent.