Oh, What I Did!

When I was in high school I used to wear skirts all the time. It made it a lot easier at lunch when one or two of the boys would take me out behind the gym to rid themselves of some extra fluid. Well when I was in 10th grade I had this thing for my English teacher.

He was tall, 40 ish, and really hot looking, every girls dream. So I would position myself in class so he could look up my skirt. When he realized that it was no accident that he was getting to see my red bush he asked me to stay after class one day. He brought me into the back room and for that day and several days after that all he did was feel me up. Then one day he had be bent over the table looking at something he walked up behind me flipped my skirt up and the rest was history.

He invited me over to his house that next Saturday. When I arrived he greeted me at the door in his robe. He wasted no time getting me to unbutton my blouse a little more so he could slide his hand in the front to feel my *******. His hands felt wonderful. Then he opened his robe and his tool was only a couple of inches from my face. I opened my mouth and went to town. My head was bobbing and his hips were slowly thrusting. I opened my eyes and saw his friend the boys basketball coach standing there watching and smiling.

With a loud moan he blew his load and I swallowed. When he stepped back his friend stepped up. He was tall and dark I leaned forward so I could kiss the bulge in his pants. When he undid his pants and they fell to the floor he had the biggest tool I had ever seen. I had seen black guys before but never one like this. It was long and oh so thick and his b**** felt like they would burst if that accumulated one more drop . 

At first I struggled with getting my mouth around him but , when I did it was wonderful.

After that we went to the bed. It was great and I experienced my second double penetration. I kept fooling around with both of them all the way through high school and several years after. I continued to do both of them after I got married. 

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Hot story.

Would love the add. Stroking my **** and just came

wow, I want to be your teacher.

hot story

Wow. ;-)

Hi there... love this story. I hope you'll take a look at my posts then maybe add me? I think we have a lot in common.

bet theey luvved haveing u as student and private **** awesome

i bet ur grade were pretty good

Love the whole imagery of the naughty highschool girl with the pleated skirts hitting on the teachers. Very hot story!

yummm.... :):)

Very hot story, I love that you made yourself available for so many men. And I love the part about a red bush. I wish I would have known you in high school. And known you as an older man then.

Yes bad girl! Sounds deliciously wonderful.

Very hot!

Amazing story! You are quite the naught girl!

Everybody is bad but nobody want tell anybody.But because of the anonimity we can open our heart infront of anybody we want and release our ears together hidden guilt behind the mind and be free to live our own lives.

i think you've got your wish mister. bad girls on here for sure but were good girls too.

My goodness! Is EP like a magnet for Bad Girls? I sure hope so!

i think so too. that's punishment i would have gladly taken lol

I think he should have kept you after school for being so impudent. Punished you repeatedly.

yep, i confess. scott was hot! i was crazy about him, i would sit up at the desk with him. he knew i had a crush on him and he was very sweet about it. one day he showed me a picture of his fiancee and i was so jealous, i told him that she was ugly and he could do better lol

Ah-Ha! Another Naughty Schoolgirl tells the truth!

i know how it feels to be hot for teacher. when i was in HS, there was a teacher's assistant that i would have done in a minute. scott was his name,i stll remember to this day lol

Why you Bad Girl! I love it!

Why you Bad Girl! I love it!