I Guess I Still Am...

Well I used to be a catholic school girl and I guess I still am, at heart. Of course I was the most scandalous girl in my class of 20 students. I had the tiggest bitties since the fourth grade and naturally, I was the first to lose my virginity at age 14. All of these factors seemed to damage my reputation by the time I got to high school, but that is only because I was banging the "popular girls" boyfriends. I don't think I was necessarily "easy", I was just very sexual. I still am. And this brings me to why I am still a naughty school girl. Oh occasion I dress up for my husband in my little school girl skirt and lacy see through top. He loves it and so do I. The skirt is so short so I love to bend over and have him slap my ***. I also dress the outfit up with thigh high stockings and sexy sky high pumps. *sigh* I could make even the gayest man horney 

SecretLifeofMwah SecretLifeofMwah
4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Super post! Sexy as hell! Love the confidence, wish I had as much.

You husband is sooo lucky! I too love the comment about making the gayest man horny! That is what we all want out of our wives!... keep it going sexy!

This is so fun and naughty of you... And if the story got me going I could only immagine seing you... so fun and hot... wow

i love to dress sexy and hot for any occasion whether its going to school, wal mart, or the gym. I always keep up with my appearance. I don't mean to sound cocky (hehe) but I think just the sight of me could get a man going.