How Things Were................

My older sister used to sit on, tiggle me until I screemed.  It had hurt soooooooo much.

My older sister used to break my nails if they were long.

My older sister used to scratch me with her nails until I bled.

Our parents had left us in the new (old fibro house) alone at night (and she and dad would work in the shop) There were hugh spiders above the door.  (We'd only just moved and we're used to spiders).  So we'd screem, then we'd get into trouble for screaming and told how embarrased we'd made her feel as she was serving customers.

I had never had anyone to help me with my homework.

Not once did my mother ever read to me.

I used to get the belt if I didn't do what i was told.

I used to get the thick black leather strap if I did the wrong thing at school (catholic school).

I used to get hit across my knuckles with a dowling rod in one class by a male teacher. (grade 3)

We didn't have many family outings.

Was always told "do what you like" as in I DON'T CARE.

Wasn't encouraged to stay at school.

The list goes on.


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1 Response Aug 10, 2007

I wasnt helped with my homework . they couldnt care less how i did<br />
if i didnt succeed i was a failure that was that.<br />
I wasnt allowed to cry <br />
I was never read to as a child ither<br />
I could have a list too<br />
dosnt it feel exsauting just remebering everything? lol