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I worked as a Night Auditor/Manager for an upperclass hotel about 8 years ago. If you have never paid much attention to the person working the night shift at the hotels you stay at, you should. They are usually very intelligent and interesting people. USUALLY. I have met a couple of auditors that weren't the sharpest knives the drawer, but they are the exception.

It was a great job because I had very few people to deal with and the ones I did deal with were often quite amusing. One time this woman came down to the lobby, walked over to the continental breakfast table, started loading up a plate and then asked me "Is this the continental breakfast?"  No lady, that's just a snack for the bus driver. The breakfast is out those doors, down the street two blocks on your left. Another brilliant specimen once asked me where the breakfast was as she was standing next to it. I had to bite my lip to keep from saying, "Take a step to your right and you'll be standing in it."

There was a night security guard who was a real jerk. He liked to bully anyone he could, especially the night janitor. I spent many nights laughing at his expense. I froze the locks on his car, locked him out of a room he needed to get into and watched him make an idiot of himself as a result, and let him think he lost a set of keys to a car he had valet parked.

Auditors tend to get bored at 3am when all of their real work is done, and who else is up and available to talk to? Other auditors. I got to know every auditor in a 25 mile radius and we had a great time swapping stories. We even started a breakfast club and met for breakfast at the end of our shifts at a local restaurant.

After my daughter was born, I had to take a day shift job. I still miss my days as an auditor though and I still enjoy talking to auditors when I stay in hotels.

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I work at a property now where I have no down time :( Going on year three now.

It sounds like you were very creative at making your job interesting and entertaining. Good job on the Night Security Guard.

I am an auditor at a Hilton hotel. Most nights I stay rather swamped with work until around 4-4:30AM and then can sort of kick back and relax a bit. It really bothers me, this misconception that all night auditors do at night is sit around with their thumbs up their rears, As an auditor of over ten years, I can honestly say that I've done the work of every single department at some point in time, late at night. Be it cleaning a room or fixing a smoke detector, I have done it all. And, yes, some of the people that I witness late in the evenings are quite interesting creatures. I especially enjoy the prostitutes who, when asked what room they are going to and the name of the guest, somehow his name is always "John". LoL

I read most of the time. LOL yeah its a nice quiet job, most of the time. Ran into some WEIRD situations. I wasn't in an upper class hotel and surely didn't have security. I WAS security. I knew the local PD number by heart for awhile there.

I wasn't a night auditor, I worked Room Service and leanred everything I know in the 15 minutes after my shifts were done when I talked to Duane the night audit guy.<br />
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Here's my story<br />