My Paedophilia Story

So my story starts when I was 12. I moved to a new school and my parents weren't able to pick me up every day because of work hours so I was catching the bus home. I had to change bus stops at a huge shopping centre and I would often go in and get an ice tea or something similar. I met this 28 year old and we became really good friends. I saw him almost everyday and we talked quite a bit. After about three weeks of this, he took me into the bathroom, blindfolded me, handcuffed me, tore my clothes off me, pushed me to the ground, cut me with something and raped me. Terrified, I didn't tell anyone. This happened almost every time I saw him. Eventually, after about a month, I had the courage to tell a friend about this and he convinced me to go to the police about it. We've started the 2 year process of sending him to jail. Now, I'm 14, terrified to leave the house and haven't had any sexual experiences since. If there is anyone out there who can help me, I would be forever greatful.
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I feel your pain. As a victim myself, I know that it isn't easy to live with that. I was 15 when it happened to me. The man that abused me was 44. He knew that I was in a troubled family, that my parents didn't care about me. So, he would stalk me, and leave me notes to meet him at different places. I didn't go, so he began to leave threatening notes, telling me what he would do to me if I didn't meet him. And of course he threatened to kill me if I told anyone. So, I met him, and we had sex. I thought that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. He kept coming back. At times, I wouldn't leave the house. But one day, and I still remember it as though it was yesterday, I found out that I was pregnant, at 15, by ********* that was 44 years-old. Things really got worse for me at home, so worse that the ********* became my lover. He got what he wanted, me. At age 15, I went from a mother to becoming his wife. I never knew what it meant to be a teen-ager, to go to college, meet new people, have a career. He died a age 54, but it left me with emotional scars. I suffer rom depression, and I continue to relive those days as though they had yesterday.
So, my advise to you is to tell someone, talk about it. Help others out they who could be or will be a victim of a *********. I'm 52 years-old now, and things were different back then, then they are today. Children wasn't heard much from back then, but today children can speak out loud and clear. Make your voice heard. It will make you feel better. Seek help if you need to, and don't be afraid. Remember, you didn't do anything wrong.

Smile x

As an advice, forget what happened to you. Focus on your studies and stop posting this.