Runs In the Family...

Im 20 going on 21, and I got into the "adult industry" with a little help from my aunt who has been an "actress" for about 10 years at the age of 18. She told us she was a "model" when we were younger but after seeing many, not-so-wholesome things I kind of figured it out, between the giant posters of her naked and the ******** heels i knew something was up lol. I only shot a couple of movies before I figured out that this was PROBABLY not something I wanted to do when I had kids, and got married and all that. Plus my family was embarrassed enough about my aunt I didnt want to be another **** up in the family. I now work as a dancer and am going to school for nursing. I would much rather **** for money then have to dance around for weirdos all night long, at least when your shooting you dont actually see the pervs that are eyeballing you. whatever though, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Nursing is a good choice, good pay and job security, good luck with it.

ms A11K4, im not sure about ur nik here, but I think ur perspective is totally healthy, and I raise my glass in salute to you...! <br />
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I worked briefly in the adult business a while back, and i still know people who are still working on both sides of the camera in California... like many things 'back in the day', it may have been easier and more fun than it is now, but it was always harder than it looked, and it was always really hard to explain to ur family... lol<br />
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like others have said, i suspect ur smart enuff and hot enuff to be successful at almost anything, and all the folks I know in the adult business are too... they just happen to like everything about sex... sure, some are more successful than others, and many are ultimately ground up and cast out... but that's what happens eventually to most people in corporate America too...

My sexy wife has a nick name,..Sasha Grey,...she looks like her a lot but she is as good as her in oral sex.

Whats aunties **** name

yeah for strippers, always a great fallback if all other friday night options fizzle out. We are not pervs, just guys with great imaginations.

a hello to you

Its refreshing to see that being in the **** business is not a sentence to hell. Im glad you reached the decision to leave not out of desperation but out of honest thought.

would love to take part in a movie with you sometime x

you know where i can get my hands on the movies you did shot plaese let me know

Of course it is always difficult when starting out in life to balance the demands of everyone around you and still meet your own expectations. Family is the toughest act to please too. <br />
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You seem very level-headed though about your choices and why you have made them. Your future chosen profession of Nursing is an honorable and even noble career, and you seem to care for others well, so you will no doubt be a success in it when the time comes for you. <br />
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As for your current profession, I applaud you. Higher schooling is very expensive and in today's world where everything continues to cost more and more all the time, it is never easy to make a sufficient living. Working as you do, ideally gives you the money to live, educate yourself, and also provides you with adequate time for your studies and classes too. It makes sense versus trying to do it all working retail or at Starbucks 40 hours a week.<br />
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We all make choices in life and it is usually our best of intentions to do the right thing, for ourselves, for others, and inline with our beliefs. We can not please everyone and others will always happily pass moral judgements against us. Not necessarily because they are right and we are wrong either, but just because they can and feel the need to act with superiority over others. <br />
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I hope you have developed a thick skin so these people and any bad people you may meet in life, do not deter you from being true to yourself, nor, make you change who you are inside. Stay focused on your goals and be safe whenever you can, look after yourself first and do not concern yourself with others until then.

you made the right choice

Where can I find the movies you shot?

nice I like too **** for free come see my pics

i agree your beautiful and could do anything you want to do. maybe modeling?

actually you sound so similar to Nina Hartley. She was also a nursing grad in SF before moving into adult entertainment

Wow - nursing and the adult industry, I guess the two have things in common like you are good with your hands, you like to help people ... would you make the same kind of money nursing as you would in the industry?

Hope you enjoy what you're doing but in case you want to move out of it later on, make sure it happens!<br />
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If you have the guts to go into adult entertainment, you will have the same guts to get out of it!<br />
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All in all, we should respect adult entertainers more because if it wasn't for them, we would have much drier lives.<br />
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I heard that drug abuse is a persisting problem in the industry, is it really the case?

you are beautiful, do whatever makes you happy and have fun doin it!

Why does everyone seem to say "nothing wrong..." Come one. it's good or it's not good. I say good.

Do you have a favorite activity or type of act you like to perform & with what kind of partner or partners?

Of course. It was all about fun. I still do it though. Just got back into my old agency

i love the way you think....go on and be successfull

Having seen some of your pictures, I'm not sure you needed any help from your aunt. Your face & body would open every door.

u in anything we could find?

how stressfull?

NO!!! lol, too stressful

are you still in there ? (adult industry)