Let's Take Some E!

OMG, this was my life from 15-24.  I loved the Love, the Atmosphere and most of all the DJ's. 

The way we dressed it was always Halloween (fairies, robots, crossing guards-lol) . 

Soccer knee high socks short tennis skirts, X-Girl, Q-ambient, Poot, that was the style!!! 

You used to have to call the night of to find out where the party be at. It was so underground and you felt like you were really part of something.

I remember we were at a rave for the 4th of July and they stopped the music and the lights to warn people that there was some bad acid going around called Bart Simpson, every one cheered because it was cool that the DJ's cared about the patrons - then the music picked up right where it left off like they didn't even miss a beat.

Glow sticks, hugs, drugs, beats and freaks.  To all my raver friends- LOVE, PEACE and UNITY!!!!




whydoicare whydoicare
26-30, F
Mar 13, 2009