Moms Friend Borrows A Cane,during A Double Spanking Session For Me And Her Daughter

I remember this as clear as yesterday.I was out shopping with my mother and her friend from high school and mom's friends 14 year old daughter.I was 13 at the time and I had a big crush on the girl.Her name was Kelly and we were both bored with shopping with our mothers and we kept on telling how we wanted to go home and play,because what kid wants  to be dragged from store to store,when its summer time and you could be playing and having fun.I thought Kelly was the prettiest thing I ever saw with long red hair green eyes and very pale white skin,her skin was so fair she didn't tan,if she laid out in the sun without sunscreen she burned quickly.Well that day we had been marched from store to store and back talking our mothers and disrepecting.My mom had warned me she had her cane in the car and if I didn't straighten up.She was going cane my butt until I couldn't sit on it and Tammy Lynn mom's  friend told Kelly the same goes for you younglady,I'm getting tire of your lip,but me and Kelly were tire and kept bugging our mom's.My mother had to use to rest room,so she told Tammy to keep an eye on me until she got back.Well we kept up our pain in the butt until Tammy gave us a pain in the butt.She told Tammy if she opened er mouth again and she wasn't going to the school dance next Friday ,she had  been wanted to go to and thats when her mouth got her into trouble,because she said to me under her breathe,"I don't want to go to that dam dance anyway,"but she said,it alittle to loud and her mother heard what she had said to me.Without any warning she grabbed Kelly by the arm and dragged her to a nearby bench and yank her shorts and panties down to her  ankles and turned her 14 year old daughter over her knee and started spanking her bare bottom right in front of a whole mall shoppers.She was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs,kicking her legs and trying to cover her bottom so her mom could hit it,but she had her arm pinned so she couldn't I watched as Her cute little pale bottom turned three shades of red and started to turn purple before she was finished and then when she put Kelly back on her feet she she was dancing around rubbing her bottom and bawling like a baby.Everyone was staring and laugh at,because during her spanking her flip flops and shorts and panties had come off and she was naked from the waist down in front of the entire mall Kelly was putting her clothes on still bawling because her bottom and backs of her upper thighs were blistered and burning like fire and people kept laugh at her and it made me mad and I yelled at them to shut up because they wouldn't be laughing if some crazy woman was spanking there bare butts and I felt a hand grab my arm and she shout crazy Um I'll show you crazy and she yanked my shorts and under shorts to my ankles and turn me across her lap and show me just why Kelly was crying so hit because she set my entire bottom on fire and I was kicking my legs and screaming and crying just like Kelly had and as she was blistering my bare bottom in front of everyone my mom walked and they dragged us both sobbing wildly out of the mall and out to the car and promised us both a good caning as soon as they got us home.We cried all the way to my house,because our bottoms were very sore and burning like fire all the way the and we had to sit on them.We got to the house and mom got her cane out from under the seat and we were marched into the kitchen and we were ordered to undress and to take off every stitch and pile our clothes on the table.We did as we were told and mom dragged me to the middle of the kitchen,so she would have room to swing the cane and she told me stand there legs apart hands behind my head,fingers locked and she laid the cane against my buttocks and them I felt this awful stinging as the cane sliced across my bottom full force  and as she always did she whipped me up one side and down the other and the pain  excrucating.Mom snapped me about 15 times i a row right across my chest,hitting my little pink nipples so hard they turned purple.She whipped me for 15 minutes straight without stopping and when she finished up with 20 licks in a row to my private area,I collasped to the floor unable to stand the intense pain anymore and she decided I'd had enough and she hand her acne to Tammy and she was put in the same position as I was and mom told her she sould give her what I just got, because she would remember it longer than if she just whipped her butt and her mom started her whipping by whipping Kelly little pink breasts until they were striped purple and a she worked her way down the front of her body and back up the back.Kelly was screaming and crying as hard as I was and her mother continued to whip her for the 15 minutes and she finall dropped to the floor beside me,both of us bawling our eyes out in extreme and very intense pain and both of us striped black and blue with welts clear to our toes and we were both put in the corner for the next hour an a half while our mothers talked,We stood there naked and crying and in very extreme pain.After an hour an a half we were allowed out of the corner and told to get dressed,which wasn't easy for either of us the wear clothes over those awful,painful welt.I took a week for the awful pain to go away and another week for the stripes to completely disappear.That wasn't the last whipping Kelly and I shared I'm sorry to say.I tell you more of our lives later. Bye for now.
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I would have tied them up and slit both of their throats if that happened to me


Ouch, twso spankings and one in public bare that had to suck. Did you get seen front and back at the mall as well as your g/f? No chance to cover up and I guess the same at home where you were naked in front of mom, freinds mom, and her with everything hanging out? Had you started puberty by then and I am sure your g/f had?

your parents were perverted

Hitting on private parts is ABUSE!

Dude, I'm so sorry to be such a bum, but can you separate this into paragraphs? it will be easier to read