I Was A Sex Slave.

One day my girlfriend wanted sex and I told her no. She kept pushing it and giving me guilt trips. "please" and "I really need to feel you inside me!" this continued as she was undressing me. Eventually she worked my clothes off while I tried to shy away. Then she touched me in the ways that excite my body. She continued this and gave me a *******. If I said no again, she would get that sad desperate look and just repeat her pleas. She did this until I felt I had no choice. It was my job as her boyfriend to help her be happy and this was what she wanted. Then she mounted me. She mounted me and kept at it until she pleasured my body. After that, I felt like I had no choice no matter how many times I told her no and no matter how much I resisted, she would just take me by force. We had sex often. We had sex all over the place. We even had sex on the floor of her sisters home when her sister was sleeping down the hall in view of where we were. I hated that place and was never comfortable there. But what mistress wants, she gets.
insanicus insanicus
31-35, M
Jul 21, 2010