Rent Free

In college I was barely making ends meet and living in this ****** roach infested aprtment in a high crimearea. When I stated hearing gunshots next door, I moved out and stated living out of my car. A guy I knew from class found out where I live and took me back to the place he shared with three of his roomies. They were really sweet and let me shower and do my laundry. To thank them I made them diner. Looking back on it, I was proably asking for it, running around in a t shirt and panties while being all domestic, but after dinner as I got ready to pack up and head back to my car, they said I could stay with them. When I said I didn't have money for rent, the guy who brought me there said there were other ways I could pay while running a hand up my bare thigh.

I got his message rights way. I pulled off my shirt and tool of my panties and spread my legs. The four of them ran the train on me. At first I just kid of layer there and let it happens all limp like, but they were actually pretty good lovers and after the second one I started to get into it. After they were done, we came up with rules. They could **** me whenever they wanted; they didn't have to ask. I cook for them when they asked, and keep the place clean. I could sleep on the pull-out couch and stay rent free. I could have a boyfriend or girlfriend if I wanted, but I still had to **** my roomies whenever they asked for it.

I agreed to all of it.

The next three years where very intresting. As you will soon see.
PissWhore PissWhore
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Looking forward to reading more !!

I look forward to reading. Thank you for sharing

Oh that's hot.. I want my own slave.

Oh that's hot.. I want my own slave.

That is my kind of arrangement. Love to **** that tight little body as your cooking dinner

As long as you enjoyed it and had lots of fun that is most important.