My Poor Trekkie Heart

I can remember watching the Original Series in re-runs when I was little, but I fell in love with Star Trek when they started the Next Generation. I was completely hooked. I watched every week, bought magazines, and even joined the Canadian Fan Club. I watched the entire run of the series faithfully, and it's probably still my favourite.

When Deep Space Nine and Voyager came out, I watched them, too. I was never fond of either Sisko or Janeway, though. Even though Trek shows are an ensemble cast, I find them hard to watch if I don't like the Captain. Both of them lost my interest at different points, though the only time I remember being really annoyed at them was when they made Odo solid :P

When Enterprise was announced I was really excited. The original Enterprise, with Scott Bakula as Captain? (Yeah, I was a die hard Quantum Leap fan, too.) It was such a great idea! Go back, and show the history instead of telling it. How could they mess that up?

Apparently by, well, ignoring the history. Also, by adding some time continuum storyline that was, meh. Anyway, there were a lot of things that grated on my nit-picker nature.

Still, they managed to catch me in that first episode because of the crew. They just worked, and I fell in love with the show anyway. I watched faithfully for the first two seasons. Then they introduced the Xindi, started changing the character dynamics, and when I had a class scheduled on the same night, I stopped asking people to tape it for me.

I listened to commentary from friends through the rest of season three, and really didn't think I was missing much. By the time season four came around, they couldn't get me back. I'm sorry that it ended so soon, but I honestly wasn't surprised.

I still love seeing the actors from Enterprise show up in other things, though. (NCIS, yay!) I also watched some repeats the other day, and remembered all the reasons why I loved it in the first place. I'm now toying with the idea of buying the whole series, but I think I'll have to find a good deal on them first.

I think I'm still a Trekkie at heart, but I melodramatically say that Enterprise broke it.

3 Responses Aug 10, 2007

Did you like the new film versions ? I thought they gave us a fine payoff at the end of the first one (making us wait for it was cruel, but effective) and i must admit i'm a big fan of the new cast.

My first reaction to the song was "No. Just no!" I'm surprised to say it grew on me the more I heard it >< <br />
<br />
But, yeah, they really tripped over the first step there.

My disappointment with the series Enterprise started with the music. The other versions always had such great sweeping orchestral music, and then Enterprise with this very ordinary song. <br />
<br />
My hope hasn't died. There was something I saw just a few weeks ago about some attempt at a revival--can't remember if it's a movie or series, but it's with actual human actors, not a cartoon. <br />
<br />
Maybe someone found Gene Rodenberry's katra.

Do you like the JJ Abrams films? I am a true lover of the original series, et al (as you might guess), but found myself unabashedly enjoying the new cast, mostly because they wisely tried to do what we all wanted -- more of the same. How endearing to give us close replicas (alright, "homages") of the characters created so long ago by the original actors now so dear to us. That's really all we ever wanted. And even though the newest ENTERPRISE isn't quite as sleek and pristine as the very first model (the 12-foot version of which I got to see up close and in person at the Smithsonian some years, and a couple of wives, ago ;-) I still thrilled at the tease of seeing it being constructed and then later revealed in all its expanded glory!
And you can bet I cried when they delivered the thematic "coup de gras", at the final scene which brought it all around to the "beginning". Lovely lovely lovely!