Uh-oh, That Was Papa's Watch....

I frightened my parents....they didn't know what to do with a little girl who lived in her books, constantly building things or taking things apart.......things came to a head when I tore apart a baby doll (well, I thought they'd be happy I was doing SOMETHING with it) to use for a machine I was building....many hushed conferences about "what would she do to her KIDS??"

MaMegabyte MaMegabyte
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

The best place to read for me was always up in a tree--they weren't sure whether they should worry more about my falling out and getting hurt or spending too much time reading!

Ahhh, Mamegabyte! Too bad they didn't recognize your creativity and sheer brilliance! Reading? Are you kidding me? I broke my *** trying to get my kids to read and love books!<br />
I think that as kids, we all did quirky things. It's part of what made us who we are today. At least you weren't biting the heads off of innocent little birdies and lizards! LOL