I Spoke of Past Lives

when iwas a child i would have vivid dreams. I would dream i was a young woman in ancient egypt and a child slave. I was about 6 when this began. My father refused to listen after i told him i had witnessed him being put to death on a guillotine. 

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This phenomena is part of your "mindstream". The phenomena did not start with birth and will not end with death. It's part of who you are. These things "arise" and you apparently have the capacity to be still and observe them. Thank you for sharing! It's nice to know that there are others in this world who were strange children.

Some kids and adults have feelings of past lives. I think sometimes have feelings I was a soldier from the Great War or WWII. To this day,I could never visit the battle sites in Europe. 18th century and further back in time,no problem. I felt moved when I first went to the U.S.A. and visited Arlington(once again,both World War graves,but Mexican/American and your civil war,no problem.<br />
As for seeing happenings before they happen,some folk are gifted. Understanding people with that gift(in so much as believing them)can be a difficult thing if you're not open minded.<br />
Children are more untouched by things we adults learn in later life about things like ghosts and the paranormal,so they are very open minded. Some kids retain their gift and can grow up as sensitives in adulthood. Another term mite be mediums.<br />
I believe we all have after lives,in what shape or form,I've no idea. We are by nature bio/chemical/electrical beings,as is all life on Earth. Newton said energy cannot be created or destroyed,only changed in form. So as for sprits,ghosts,etc.,one has to die first to find out.

no i still dream i recently saw something and i wasnt asleep i get images and i wrote down earthquake italy. That was about a month before the event. I get it about weather phenomenon for some reason. I also had it with the recent floods here. I just get some kind of picture. Often i write them down or tell friends. Or i get a really vivid dream. Before the tsunami i had a dream i was on a beach i described the people as being asian but not indian or chinese...like in between i was on a beach and there were all these people selling stuff from baskets at the side crouched down. The next thing i saw people starting to run i looked behind me and an airplane was coming in really low so i thought it was that they were running from then i looked again and there was this massive wave...i could see these people running up this hill and i remember thinking your not going to make it!. Then the tsunami happened. I don't know why but its got to be a sixth sense as there's no explanation i can give myself.

thank you omarkhayyam, i do tend to pick up on the emotions of others easily. You are special too! and i mean that most sincerely.

i must admit though it still perplexes me!, where would i have got these thoughts from if indeed they were just thoughts and why in so much detail, things i truly would have known nothing about. very strange.

Nothing strange about children seeing through unclouded eyes. As we grow, we lost the ability to see all that is around us and just selectively see the world for what we need to see. A child on the other hand looks at the world as a new and different place and sees all that is contained within it.

lol i was a strange child, i went to the tower of london when i was about five and i saw a woman all dressed in i think they were called crinolines, my sister saw her too...we said to my mother whats that woman doing as she was walking around looking really distressed and was crying. MY mother said what woman, she could not see her. we went a little further along and my sister stopped and said thats the woman and on the wall was a portrait of anne boleyn!. very strange children.

well ladyjayne, who knows but these were extremely vivid dreams for a six year old. i knew nothing about slavery or ancient egypt at the time which is what really worried my father.