My First Time.


I remember it so clearly. Twenty-one in college and dating a med student from Ohio. The expenses were plying up. At this time I lost quite a bit of weight due to a break up. Not only did I lose weight but body was tone from lifting weights. It was 3 pm. I drove up to this famous ***** club. It was on CNN once. Notorious for its history of crime and prostitute. Handsome light skin black man greeted me at the door and asks how he could help. “Do you  have openings?” I asked. We went inside. He was very professional and talked smoothly with intelligence and class. He asked about my back ground. Than offered me a hosted job picking up cans. I would be making $6 and hour plus tips. He told me to go outside and see how I liked the club. As I was sitting the girls were starting to come in. I saw someone I went to high school with. “Dayji” was now her stage name. She told me how much money she was making. Said I should give it a try and “Lovey” (name change) the owner would be willing to let he try. So we went back in. He asked one of the girls to get something for me to wear. I wasn’t even thinking at the time b.c I wasn’t even shaved. He said it was alright that I didn’t have to take my clothes off just go on stage. He look at me and said “get on stage don’t come back for another week” till I thought about it thoroughly. He said if I wanted the job it was mine. So I got on these skinny tight pull over leopard dress and sat outside taking to the girls more. Then “Myu” the owner’s brother came in. We were the same age. Give me some pointers. Like just talk to the guys on stage. There were only 3 guys on stage. I was so nervous my legs shaking. Myu made it easier and went up to the stage and tipped me. When it was over I went inside and talked to “Lovely” he complimented me on my tone legs.Didn’t come back till 2 weeks later. I’ll be posting more of my experiences as a ******** on my blogs. I’m not ashamed at all I think these were some of my best years. It made me stronger as a woman…

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1 Response Feb 21, 2009

Awesome story. Thank you for sharing. I love ***** clubs, and I'm always interested to hear how things work behind the scences.