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As a child, I was very shy & timid.  Also, I was big for my age.  Not humongous, but I looked like I should be a grade or two higher than what I was.  Although I basically got along with everybody, there were  the few that when feeling feisty, wanted to pick on me.  Name calling (anything related to "fat"), sissy, wimp, all of them.  They'd want my lunch money.  All of that "bullying" stuff.

There were several times that one of them decided they didn't like me to the point of wanting to "fight after school".  Now, I don't know if my grand-dad was psychic or what, but every time somebody wanted to fight :  There he was!  In the long run, this hurt me more than helped me, as I never was able to learn how to fend for myself.

I never had any brothers or anything around to "fight" with, so I never learned how to stand up for myself that way, neither.

Now I am a peaceful and peace loving person.  Not that I really ever was otherwise.  Also now, I couldn't fight my way out of a paper bag!!  I have had friends and loved ones tell me though, that I can give looks that would kill and have also been told;  "I hope you don't ever get that mad at me again", all because of the looks I give.  The strange thing is I don't really realize it.

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Poor upbringing and decline of morals in my book, is why women get beaten. Some bullying on the playground is part of growing up. But continued or on going bullying is due to the fact that the administration does not have the balls to discipline the bullies. And today's society does not hold anyone accountable for their actions, that's why I was bullied in school for about 12 years.

I was bulled in my math and science classes in junior high by a couple of boys. So its probably no coincidence that I didn't do well in those subjects. I am now in my 40s and signed up for remedial math classes at a community college - to learn what I couldn't learn back then.

I think that is one of the draw backs to not having siblings, when you have sibling oh boy do you learn how to fight back. I was definitely quiet in school, but also knew how to get people to leave me alone, just because nothing they could throw at me was worse than what my sisters could! I am sorry you had to learn from people who should have been your friends, but it seems you picked it up later in life!

Boy can i relate to your story. I was small for my age i only weighed 86 pounds in the 8th grade,no bust and skinny, i was tormented, called bones, i have a patch of blonde hair just below my chin so i was called goat. i remember one girl in particular.It effected my schooling really bad.