Ive Been Small My Whole Life

 when i was in Kindergarten i probably looked three then in middle school my bipolar symptoms came  on ... and i was crying all the time .  i mourned Kurt Cobains death for a long time .. which made me even more a target for being made fun of .  people would tell me i needed to kill myself and get it over with ... If they only knew what was really going on inside my head ...  but ive overcome it and some  of the guys who did it .. have hit on me since then .. so its kinda funny for me
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3 Responses Jun 22, 2007

i've been bullied because i'm pretty tall. i feel you. we've been bullied because of our height difference n appearance. ignore em, they just feel insecure that they picked on you. hope you survive it :)

You are a big girl now. You showed them who is the bigger human.

Congratulations for surviving.