Sadly, Yes.

When I was in Kindergarten, the first thing I remember is climbing onto the monkey bars, seeing a girl, and saying "Hi, I'm Hayley!" She said, "I don't like you and never will." This girl was Haly {last name cut}. She ruined my school life. There were always three kids in our class that were labled the smart one, two of them were the class clowns as well, Zak and Matthew. I was the third. I had few friends, and I was a straight-A student. When it got to be third grade, I would wind up having a new kid in every grade. Each time I would be the first to say anything to them, and being raised polite, their thoughts of me weren't bad. But then, Haly and her crew would come along. By fifth grade, she had developed the "Hayley Hater's Club", which had a sole purpose to hate me. Anyone knew would get the, "What are you talking to her for? She's a geek. Join our club." speech. When Jr. High (seventh grade) got there, I hated getting on the bus in the morning. The game for the Jr. High kids was to take up every seat and watch while I looked for one and still tried to "keep my cool". The High Schoolers would either join in or do nothing. I had been to the principal many times. And using my powerful voice to talk back did nothing. I also had a chubby little brother... and when they started saying things like "get your fat *** off my lawn" when we were walking on the sidewalk, I got pissed. They would make fun of me sexually. And call my brother "pussywillow" and "dickweed". I was already depressed as it was, going through financial problems at home, coming to realize my father was not a person I liked, deaths and near deaths in the family, and my mother's health scares. I had no friends to turn to. By this time, the few friends I had I didn't know if I could trust. And the whole school had begun calling me "witch" as well as my "best friends", which were two girls I had become close with, these girls also being "outcasts". I had also gotten stood up three times by a family friend who I was sure by this time (5 years) I loved. I was sick of everything. I had began crying myself to sleep at night, and sometimes I would fall asleep thinking of ways to kill myself. When high-school rolled around (that would be this past year, my Freshman year), things were better. I had friends, my grades were still good, I was, yet again, good with the teachers, and I was starting to talk to boys more often. Then another guy started up the harsh bullying. It gave me the shakes and stutters.. which I hadn't gotten that badly in a long time.... but then he got sent to rehab... and my problem was gone... until... I drank at a party... and consented to have sex with an 18 year old "friend" who knew I had a huge crush on him. He then tricked me a second time... while I was sober. He said he didn't have a girlfriend anymore and was really upset and blah blah for us blah blah... he had a girlfriend... and I was stupid. He is no longer my friend, but his girlfriend hits on me. Thats just great. I'm known for going to the principal more than anyone around, and I've gotten three people for sexual harrassment... more than once for two of them. Then.. when everything was going good..... I got a boyfriend; a friend who I had liked for a while. That made me lose some of my best friends... and I still didn't have many friends. We dated for two months... he was never really affectionate... and he suddenly called me up and said he didn't want a girlfriend. He basically left me for my ex-best-friend (Samantha)... and now I'm lonely again... and people still don't like me that much.. and Samantha is still a *****... trying to be friendly.. yet still bitchy.. now that Chris and I are no longer dating and he has an interest in her. 
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Most people will only behave decently if they know they are being watched. Otherwise they will behave like animals. Now we have a new problem, people bullying and sending death threats when they don't like something someone has said online. These are adults, the same parents you see at your kids soccer games, doing this under cover of anonimity. There is a documentary I watched recently where they discuss a jewish massacre that took place near a small German town. The Nazis didn't have enough soldiers to man the guns so they asked the townspeople to help. A lot of them did, gladly. Bakers, book-keepers, factory workers, school teachers, helping to shoot thousands of men women and children in the head and shoving them into giant mass graves. That puts all of this into perspective, doesn't it? Later they said they were scared or were just following orders, but a lot of them volunteered. We aren't any different from the Germans. We're just human.

I had similar experiences in school, my torment lasted 12 years. The last few years of school even the PE teachers added to my pain. During PE, even the girls could out run me, I would push myself and do the best I could for the mile run everyday. But by the end of the run I was out of breath, gasping and wheezing trying to breathe, I could taste blood in my throat. The coaches told me to quit being a sissy and suck it up. I was just out of shape and needed to try harder. What they didn't recognize was that I was having an asthma attack every day! No one ever figured it out until after I had left home and ended up in the ER with the same symptoms.

Oh, wow. People are selfish and stupid. You should have never had to go through that ****.

Well... I got closer with my best friend, the one who had always been there, one of the two that were also being called witches. We were as close as sisters, so close that people started calling us lesbians on top of all the other names we were being called. Samantha started all of it, too. Then my best friend died. And everyone realized that they hated Samantha. She cheated on my ex while he was dating her and now the guys use her for sex. And I've gained a few new friends, ones who also felt the pain of our loss. People don't talk about me as much anymore. I was also a passenger in the car accident that killed my best friend. I was in critical condition, I nearly died. People don't **** with me anymore. Not that much anyway. And when they do, my little brother comes to the rescue. He's only 14 but he's 5'8" and big boned. He could crush them with his pinky. And he just so happens to be very protective. :)