Cruelty Knows No Bounds...

When I was younger I was pretty much bullied all the way up through high school. I was never hit or in fights, but their words were like razors.

I remember one day... this group of kids in P.E. Class while we were supposed to be running, kept throwing insults at me every time they would pass me.  I was walking, because I was very sad.  I had just found out that my grandfather was in the hospital, and he was dying.  I just lowered my head and took the abuse for awhile...

Then I had enough, I walked up to him and I said ... politely even, (I don't remember exactly but it was along these lines) "Please stop, I've just found out my grandfather may die and I'd really appreciate it if you would leave me alone." Well.. of ALL things this kid starts harrassing me straight forward about what I had just said!!! "Oh your grandpa's going to die huh? Good!" This kid was a boy so what the hell was I going to do.  I tried rushing him and I pinned him up against the wall and stared him straight in the face, I didn't even say anything.. the teacher came and pulled me off and we resumed our class. 

What kind of world is it that a kid of the age of maybe 12 gets harrassed like that?!  And the other person gets out scott free

EchoRain EchoRain
22-25, F
Dec 12, 2008