Nationality Issue

I was treated badly at school for years because of my nationality. I was raised in Estonia, but my blood is half-Russian and half-Estonian. FYI, Estonians have huge problems with Russians, b/c of the Soviet Union stuff and how Russians mistreated them, although Germans mistreated them even worse during WWII. Long story. Anyway, Estonians make sure Russians or anyone who has anything to do with them (half-blooded included) "get what they deserve". I got spat on and called bad names, people whispered behind my back for a long time. I felt on the edge for years. However, I always stood up for myself and never tried to fit in. People knew that, but it made them hate me even more. My character was strong and defensive, but they never got close to the deeper side of me, which was friendly, loving, and caring. Their bad.

Years later though, all of them grew up, we were in the same school and same classes, people got to know me better and saw how much fun I was. Discrimination seemed to be outdated concerning me (don't know about anyone else). There were twin sisters I knew from the very first grade who made me feel so horrible at the very beginning that I refused to go to school. At end of the 9th grade, one of them calls me and asks for my friendship. Later we became best friends for a long while. Other people started to respect me and like me for who I was. Funny how life works.

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I think that humans are heavily bound by fear, especially fear of anything unfamiliar. Tons of literature has been dedicated to this topic. Shaylon is very right - we don't need to dig deep to find a reason to separate ourselves from "others" and to bully them. Even when you find someone very similar to you, there's always something that's not, even the smallest thing. <br />
We can't change it overnight. It's a lifetime or even longer work.

What astounds me is that racism is world-wide, and by your age, still an issue. It's a pity that people can't look past facial features; in every other way humans are alike one and all. We all pray to the same God. We just address Him with different names.

Does the so called "human race" even need a reason to bully someone? The Romans did not build those theaters for naught! They enjoyed the "sport" of feeding people to the lions! Our society is still obsessed with blood whether one needs it to enjoy a meal, movie, television, book, music or imagining that it cleanses sins. Carnivorous instincts of the human animal permeate the DNA on conscious and unconscious levels and it manifests itself as bullying.

Riitta, why don't you write it down? Your story.

Well, as you probably know, Finland has had the same issues with Russia. Me having some Russian blood and some Sami blood (for those who don't know, Sami are the native people of Lapland...) in me I too was a target for bullying by that... <br />
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It's true kids can be so cruel! But I do think that one reason for all this 'blood-issue' was also the way we were taught about the others! Obviously on the other side of the family, they didn't think too highly of Russians... That side of the family is totally Finnish, but the other side was much more tolerant and I don't think I've ever heard a nasty word... Hmm... <br />
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Either way, I sort of get your point though it was never as extreme with me as it must've been with you :( I on the other hand was bullied for other reasons, which is a whole another story :)