Hell On Earth

Hi my name is chris simpson i am now 21 yrs old, but i was bulled from elementray school thur high school and even now. i was bullyed for several reason when i was in elem. school i had really big teeth, and i was in specal education. i was one of those who were last to be picked for anything. Then when i got to middle school my family moved to the sticks and i then got teased because i look geeky but i am not smart. I was also a big brown noser with the teachers b/c i didnt have no freinds but them. then thur high school it was the same thing, but the only good thing that came out of high school was i did get my dipolma and i was one of those who had to stay up all night just to complete my homework, because it was very diffecult for me.

I will say this due to all of those excperinces i am alot more care to those who do get bulled but the thing for me was, iknow its mean but my bully actually joined the army and now he gets bosed around.

srry if this was all jumbled its hard to but at least 12 years of my life on paper.


CSimpson0031 CSimpson0031
18-21, M
Mar 13, 2010