When I was was young, I was a target for bullying. You see, my stepfather used to choke me until the point of unconscienceness. As a result, I always had my neck covered in black bruises. The kids had no idea what it was, so they started telling one another that it was dirt...and everyone began to think of me as dirty. So, naturally, they picked on me...called me names and stuff. But, they left me alone after a while. You see, there were a few bullies who liked to take things beyond name calling, and would attempt to beat me up. I crushed them all, seems I am a natural fighter because I have never lost a fight in my life. Because of that, the other kids began to respect me and the bullies stopped comming.

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I use to get picked on pretty badly too because I have a disease makes my muscles week and I use to walk funny but know I can't walk any more so no one really picks on me any more but don't feel sorry for me because I can't walk because that's just a waste of time life what you make of it

I am sorry your stepfather was such a saddist towards you. I'm glad you fought back when people bullied you.

I think standing up for your self was the best thing you did and maybe it was alot of pent up aggression against your father that brought that side out.<br />
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From one human to another

No, I have never been violent or mean enough. I always avoid fighting at all cost. But, I am been very good at ending what other people start with me.

Did you happen to become a bully yourself in the process?