Wet My Bed Frequently Through High School

Nocturnal Enuresis runs in families.  My brother is 2 years older and we had side by side twin beds with a night stand in the middle. We both wet our beds routinely through junior high and then from time to time through high school. I heard him several times (and I am sure he probably heard me). There is a rustling sound as the pee hits his rubber sheet. Sometimes you could actually hear him sloshing around a little right after the act if he was sleeping restlessly.  My younger sister also wet her bed every night until she was about 12.

Both of our parents wet their beds well past the normal age.  My mother told me she had "issues" until she was about 10 and my dad told me he had accidents until junior high and once even in college before exams.  My dad has a twin brother who was similarly afflicted.  With that being said, I never stopped wetting the bed completely.  Once I reached puberty I stopped wetting every night and slowly started having dry nights, but even through high school and college it was not unusual to pee my bed every night for a week or more and then perhaps only a couple of time per week.  I lettered in basketball and track for 3 years and often traveled to away games/meets where we stayed overnight.  I wet my bed several times on school trips. By the time my brother graduated high school he only had the infrequent accident, but often enough where he continues to protect his bed. He told me he has had embarrasing moments from time to time, and even wet his bed during his honeymoon (although not his honeymoon night !) .  My sister has stopped completely, although she told me she had a couple of accidents while she was pregnant, although I believe that is common with pregnant women, even if they weren't previous bedwetters.

Now as an adult, I still have accidents a couple of times a week (I suppose if it is that frequent it is not an "accident"-but I never know what night it will be). I think alcohol does increase the likelihood a bit so sometimes if I have been partying, like weekends I will sleep in cloth diapers and rubber pants.  Often, however, it just happens without and it is back to "floating" in a wet bed, like it was when I was a child.
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