I Had My Son At 16

it wasnt easy and there was so much drama before and after he was born. His father left me said he couldnt deal with my depression. I grew distant from my friends. I will never walk the stage and have my diploma handed to me. But i will be -erfectly honest and say it is all worth whenever he looks at me and smiles and i see the love in his eyes. he made me realize how selfish i was and how wrong and ungrateful i seemed. he made me grow up and appreciate the simpler things in life and want to be a better person. I wish i couldve had him later on but i didnt so now i will cherish the fact that i can spend everyday of his first year with him. Having sex as a teen is never a good idea and i found this out the hard way. I love and adore my son but i have help. I have only been with one person and i will never sleep around. I guess i just want to say is respect your body and protect yourself. you may never know when things turn around and change.

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hmm yes it is. I guess one thing that goes for me is that his father and me were together almost 4 years. Its just made me appreciate my mother that much more.

Hi, it is a sad fact in today's world that children are having children.<br />