A Rare Sucess Story.

My parents never really loved me, they said they did, but I didn't believe me. They abused me (my mom sexually and my dad physically) as a kid, then as a teenager they emotionally abused me. I hated my parents, then the thing that sat me off was last summer when I did something that pissed one of my friends off, and he then turned all of my other friends against me, so there I was a seventeen year old with no friends or real family.
I had met a girl online the March before that who I knew and trusted well, and it was July 5, 2009 that I decided to runaway. I called her up, and she was glad to help me out, and no one knew about her that I knew, so it was perfect. I sat the date, January 29, 2010, the day after I turned 18, so that it would be perfectly legal for me to do this, and over the next six months I saved about $1200.
The day came, and everything was perfect, my parents were going to be in Phoenix and left the house early that morning. I then got up early, packed, then went to school (so I could get my records). After school, I drove to the airport, left my car there, and got on a 5:00 flight to Chicago.
Six months later, everything is going great, my girlfriend's family and church have taken me in with open arms, I finished my last semester of high school and going to the University of Missouri this fall to be a pre-med major. I have not talked to any of my family or ex-friends since I left.
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It makes think how people are always running away from homes sometimes getting raped and not being able to go anywhere and be accepted i am glad you did

I applaud you. You must have great luck to pull that off...

you're really lucky you got such a nice girl.I'm suffeing from slight mental problems,yet my father has threatened me to throw me out of house if I didnt pass my recent exams.knowing his nature,I'm sure he'll

Freaking beautiful God shows miracles do happen

This is a story of sucsess you are awsome

I'm really happy for you, man.

Thanks God that you met somebody that is a good person and release from the bondage.

GOOD LUCK, I ran away over 50 years ago, sexual abuse from my brother in law and others at 11 years old and just not fitting in,,,,,,, nobody believed me when I told them about the abuse they said I was trying to break up our family (we were 11 very poor kids with a father who drank!) first they put me in pyscho hospital then remand school "it was against the law to run away!) the last time they did not find me,,,, if only I could write a book. I was a lucky one even with my share of rape and humiliation luckily I found my way, now at over 60 I am in contact with just 3 of my sisters (the others still blame me!) after finding that they were searching internet for me (I had even been presumed dead legally) I say to all family members believe what your children tell you, if they had believed me I would not have spent such a tragic lonely life.Don't give up hope one day they may return.

I feel sorry with what you experience. I can feel what you feel.

you did it a lot smarter than most of us and i applaud you on that. absolutley great story.

can't believe your own mom would sexually abuse

me too

Im really sorry you had to go through all of that. But im glad everything worked out once you were able to leave, Trust me i know how you feel. Good luck with everything. :]